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The music industry is very exciting and always changing. If you want to help succeed in this industry, you’re in the right place. Our company has lots of resources that can help you understand and thrive in your music career. Take some time to explore our site and learn more about how we help artists all over the world.

Molding todays artists into tomorrows icons one song at a time

What We Do

At 2915 Entertainment, our goal is to empower every brand, wheither you are a artist, producer, or influencer, to take control of their own destiny. We strive to bridge the gap between the novice beginner and the experianced professional through empowering each client with the knowledge and resources nessesary to reach the next level of their career. As a full service media agency with over a decade of experiance we have the means to assist artists and brands in every facet of their journey. 


Independent artists need effective marketing to grow their audience and succeed in music. Our company specializes in targeted campaigns and social media promotion to increase visibility, connect with new listeners, and drive engagement. We create compelling content and pinpoint the right audience to generate buzz around your brand. From new artists looking to be discovered to established performers wanting to reach wider audiences, our marketing services can help achieve goals for long-term success.

Artist Development

Artist development is essential for success. It involves improving an artist’s talents and guiding them through the industry. We take pride in our personalized approach, empowering artists with support, resources, and expertise. From management to production, we ensure our artists have everything they need to thrive. Investing in artist development benefits not only the artists, but also the industry’s innovation and creativity.


It is estimated that billions of dollars in royalty revenue from music goes unclaimed each year. Our music distribution/publishing admin services are here to help artists claim all of their hard earned revenue. These services work by managing an artist’s music rights and ensuring that they receive all revenue owed to them. With the help of these services, artists can focus on creating and promoting their music without worrying about missing out on their royalties.

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